The day I broke a couple up…

This has to be my craziest story while I was out sharing about Jesus with people. The times when people were converted are obviously crazier because of the miracle of salvation, but this one was just CRAZY.

I was at a mall near my house with a small group from my church, and after we had prayed for a while, we went out to share our faith with people. The first couple I went up to was sitting at a table just off the food court having a quiet conversation by themselves.

I approached them and asked if I could share a bit about what God was doing in my life with them. The woman quickly replied that she was not interested. I responded by asking if she would share her religious thoughts with me. I assured her I would only listen and not try to argue anything. She reiterated her previous position, and added, “Politics and religion should not be discussed.”

Typically, I may have left this couple alone at this point. But apparently I was feeling extra courageous and turned my attention to the guy sitting across from her. I asked, “Could I share with you?”

This is where things took a turn. I honestly could not have wrote a crazier plot twist…

The gentleman sitting at the table looked at me, then at the woman and stated, “Honestly, I did not know that about you. I did not know that you did not have any faith. And that is a deal breaker.”

With that, he stood up and walked away. I repeat. He walked away. I was dumbfounded. And there I was, standing next to this poor girl who just got dumped.

I quickly apologized and assured her that my goal was not to break them up but just to share about Jesus with them. (As if I needed to clarify that I did not come over to break up the couple.) To my surprise, her countenance turned very gracious instead of defensive. She gathered her things and walked away.

I later found the guy in the mall and asked him what that was all about. He stated that he had been going online to look for dates and knew he should not have been. He said my coming to the table was confirmation that he should not have been out with that girl. We talked a little further and I found out about his faith. He was raised as a believer and still had strong faith, but had not been attending church regularly. I reminded him that Scripture encouraged us not to “forsake the gathering” and to find a church that he could call home

Now, I can’t say that I won any converts that day at the mall, but I guess I helped this guy from being in a relationship with an unbeliever. My advise would be to let her down a bit more graciously next time!!

I think stuff like this can only happen when we take a step of faith and get outside our comfort zone. I encourage you to be bold. I was bold that day, more bold than I usually am probably! If I would have just let the table after the girl tried to shut down the conversation, the rest of the story would not have unfolded. Be bold, take a step of faith. Heaven’s currency is faith!

Published by

Jesse Stirnemann

I am 27 years old and live in Sterling Heights, Michigan, just a few miles outside Detroit. My wife Rachel and I have 3 kids! I have been in youth ministry for 5 years. I also work as a Bereavement Coordinator at a Hospice office caring for grieving families. My passion is evangelism. I see no better greater way to spend my time than helping others get into heaven. My hope and prayer is to teach and inspire others on how to expand God’s Kingdom through evangelism!

2 thoughts on “The day I broke a couple up…”

  1. Hello Jesse. I was at a restaurant last night with the family and I noticed something I hadn’t seen in a long while. It was another family in the booth across the isle from us who held hands and prayed before eating their meal. I couldn’t help but think what a good reminder that was to me/us that we should be grateful for everthing from God. Their actions of saying grace in public can evangelized without even approaching others. I should do that with my family more often.


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