Christmas and evangelism. This might be one of the first years I realized just how ripe this season is with evangelism opportunities! And, when you think about the Christmas story itself, we are reminded how dearly God loves the sinner and the lost. And He wants us to have the same heart as He does.

First, let’s re-consider the Christmas story through the lens of evangelism. Two things have struck me this year about the story of Jesus’ birth.

  1. The way in which He was born.
  2. The fact that it was God COMING to us.

First, Jesus’ was born into humble circumstances to say the least. After Mary and Joseph’s 90 mile trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem, the exhausted couple was not greeted by Joseph’s relatives but instead relegated to a barn to deliver the Messiah. Then, Jesus was laid in the animal’s feeding trough as His first crib. I bet the cows and sheep were surprised. Going back for a little more the animals must have said to themselves, “Oh dear, that’s a human baby, I ain’t eating that!”

The way in which Jesus was born should teach us a very simple truth. He came for everyone. He came for the commoner. The dirty one. The sinful one. The lowly one. The one who has been cast down or cast out. No one is too far gone for Jesus. Jesus is not about position, wealth or power. His life on earth was very “normal” and even lowly. And He comes for those of us and around us who have no qualifications to receive His grace.

Second, Jesus came to us! I read a Scripture this morning in Church that I love:

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 6:9

The words unto us clearly display God’s heart for the lost. Jesus is a gift from God given to us. We just have to receive it. He gave His Son. People who don’t know Jesus often think He wants them to be “good” and “religious”. And it sounds like a lot of work to them. But little do they know, He just wants them to receive, believe, and love Him.

Let’s share that truth with people this holiday season. There is a gift available to them. All they have to do it take it! And what does that gift contain? As Isaiah shares, they receive a counselor, a father, the spirit of peace and God himself. All of these blessings are contained inside this child born unto us.

So, here a few practical ways to engage with those in your life you would like to reach with the Gospel this Christmas:

  1. Invite them to a Christmas service. Friends and family are more willing to accept an invitation to Church this time of year.Take advantage and invite them!
  2. Use the season as a way to start a conversation. Ask your co-worker if what they do for the holiday. You could ask if they go to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve. I was asked to share the prayer at my work’s holiday dinner. This was a great opportunity I had to share my faith during the holiday season.
  3. Include the Gospel in your Christmas cards. We just received a Christmas card from one of our friends who did this. It was a great way to share Christ, along with a nice family picture.
  4. Give an unexpected gift. This could be to someone not expecting to get a gift from you. Or a gift with an unexpected Gospel-theme to it. For example, one year, I gave my boss the gift of a Billy Graham devotional. Little did I know that when he received it, he shared with me that he loved Billy Graham and used to watch him on TV as a child! This could also be a gift that does have have direct spiritual significance but catches someone’s attention because they had no expectation of getting a present from you.
  5. Pray and ask God for your own creative way to use the season to be evangelistic. God will give you great ideas I guarantee it!

God bless you as you look for ways to use Christmas to be evangelistic. Happy Christmavangelizing to you!

Published by

Jesse Stirnemann

I am 27 years old and live in Sterling Heights, Michigan, just a few miles outside Detroit. My wife Rachel and I have 3 kids! I have been in youth ministry for 5 years. I also work as a Bereavement Coordinator at a Hospice office caring for grieving families. My passion is evangelism. I see no better greater way to spend my time than helping others get into heaven. My hope and prayer is to teach and inspire others on how to expand God’s Kingdom through evangelism!

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